That was the advice dispensed unsolicited of course to pimply teens in my time. The chocolate acne connection was debunked by studies albeit weak and flawed ones and the thinking back then was that diet doesn't affect acne in any significant way. A recent article in the New York Times reminded me how much has changed in the last decade. Anahad O'Connor interviewed Dr. Aires, a researcher and dermatologist at the University of Kansas Hospital in Kansas City, who recommends a low glycemic diet for acne, and points to research that shows that foods that cause spikes in insulin, such as those with added sugars and refined carbs, exacerbate the skin affliction. In skin disorders, much like in other fields of medicine, further research shows that what we eat, unsurprisingly, affects our wellbeing. We're not back to chocolate prohibition for acne sufferers; today's lists of bad-for-your-skin is a little more involved. A curious finding of a study led by Loren Cordain sparked the suspicion that something in the Western Diet promotes acne. The study examined year olds from Papua New Guinea and Paraguay, all from non-Westernized societies, who ate traditional diets. They found zero cases of acne. To put this in perspective: percent of American teens have some degree of acne. The researchers hypothesized that the glycemic load a measure of carbohydrate foods effect on blood glucose and insulin levels see previous post for a short explanation of the concept causes a cascade of endocrine changes that make acne worse. This notion was given support by several studies. Another randomized controlled study of 32 year-old Korean volunteers found pretty much the same. These are small studies, but there are several other less rigorous ones that point in the same direction. Studies that relied on people's recall of their diet in their teens, and the severity of their acne, suggested that milk affects acne. Looking further into milk type studies showed that only skim milk showed a statistical correlation with acne. Given the new information gleaned from the latest research it seems that diet does play a role in acne. It probably doesn't cause it, but it can aggravate or improve it, at least to a certain degree. In guidelines published by the American Academy of Dermatology in , the group of 17 experts concluded that, regarding diet, emerging data suggest that high glycemic index diets may be associated with acne and that limited evidence suggests that some dairy, particularly skim milk, may influence acne, but given the current data, no specific dietary changes are recommended in the management of acne. The Power Of Humanity. The Diet for Clear, Acne-Free Skin. By Ayala Laufer-Cahana, M. Acne's main food suspects. Foods to avoid if you have acne. They did not find that the evidence was strong enough to warrant a recommendation. Guidelines aside, since high glycemic load foods are generally to be minimized anyway they are typically highly processed foods, foods with white flour, added sugar, and low fiber I can see no reason to why people with acne shouldn't give it a try. No reason not to give it a shot. Follow Ayala Laufer-Cahana, M. Physician, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder: Herbal Water Inc. Part of HuffPost Lifestyle.
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