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    ..::SatTV Przyjaciel::.. Awatar Dragon_87
    Jun 2006

    Domyślnie Vista Transformation Pack 7

    Vista Transformation Pack 7

    Changes in Version 7.0:
    · Added default system font option for recovery
    · Added Docking support for preview and taskbar replacement
    · Added DPI auto-detection in Machine Configuration
    · Added hiding menubar option for Vista (Styler) toolbar
    · Added information about KB925902 hotfix issues and solution on startup
    · Added memory requirements checking for 3rd-party applications
    · Added resetting DPI options and some extra information in Machine Configuration
    · Added screen resolution auto-detection
    · Added setting cleartype font automatically after the transformation
    · Added Vista transformation “Express mode” (Make an appropriate setup configuration in single page!)
    · Added ViStart (Vista Start Menu port for Windows XP/2003 with glass UI and search function)
    · Added uninstalling existing components before updating
    · Added WindowBlinds detection warning message (for user who is mistaken about glass border skin)
    · Added Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 uxtheme patching support
    · Fixed backing up system files bug on repair mode
    · Fixed checking for Styler incompatibility with x64 edition OS
    · Fixed fileversion checking bug that cause backup system files being overwritten by modified system files when update
    · Fixed operating system checking bug (that allow user to install in Windows 2000 and below)
    · Fixed Start Orb positioning bug
    · Fixed Styler to execute Styler.exe only when user wants to hide menu bar to save up memory and some weird issues
    · Fixed Styler to run in toolbar mode (prevent error and message popup)
    · Fixed Vista (Styler) toolbar option with correction of menubar
    · Fixed uninstalling bug with system drive icon
    · Fixed uninstalling routines
    · Fixed uxtheme.dll patching detection bugs on machine without any service pack
    · Fixed Windows Live Messenger skin uninstallation bug
    · Moved extra dialogs in the main dialogs process so user can make all decisions before transforming
    · Removed customized open/save dialog due to bugs in some applications
    · Replaced closeapp with pskill (some programs reported closeapp as virus though it isn’t)
    · Replaced Blaero’s Start Orb with ViOrb (Auto positioning and snap over the start button upon taskbar shifting)
    · Updated battery tray icons
    · Updated Getting Started and Help and Support FAQ
    · Updated LClock x86 to version 1.62b
    · Updated Maintenance Center to be Welcome Center
    · Updated minor UI graphic resources in themes
    · Updated Segoe UI font
    · Updated Shutdown/Logoff dialogs
    · Updated Start Orb to full circle version
    · Updated Thoosje’s Vista sidebar to version 2.1
    · Updated transformation to use backup system file if it has the same fileversion during update
    · Updated updating function to uninstall previous components before updating
    · Updated Vista logon screen (Thanks to SoFtEcH for updating my logon)
    · Added status message (Welcome, Shutdown, etc.)
    · Fixed user account disapperance bug on lower resolution
    · Fixed user account moving around when focused
    · Moved shutdown button to right part
    · Updated password panel resources
    · Updated userpicture’s frame border
    · Updated Visualtooltip to version 2.1

    Size: 31.6 MB


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    ..::SatTV User:..
    Jul 2007


    To miesza w systemie ??
    Dzieki i Pozdrawiam !



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