Microsoft's WinPE is a stripped down version of Windows XP capable of running from boot CD-ROMs. Its name stands for "Windows Preinstallation Environment". It is used as an installation platform for OEM/Enterprise customers.

WinPE does not require a hard drive to boot, it can run solely from a CD drive using the memory for dynamic data. This feature makes WinPE appealing for data recovery and system maintenance purposes. In fact, you can run our software from such a CD-ROM.

WinPE is not available for end user customers, but all files needed for WinPE to run are included in a retail Windows XP installation CD.

Bart Lagerweij's PE Builder is a utility that allows you to create your own bootable CD-ROM ("BartPE") by extracting the necessary files from your Windows XP installation CD.

PE Builder lets you add other applications by using "plugins". Below you can find plugins for most of our products.

Another extremely useful feature of BartPE is the ability to create a boot CD-ROM that provides network access. Yes, you can even surf the Internet from such a CD-ROM.