2 Girls Teach Sex - Extreme Female Orgasms Full 8 DVD

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Genre : e-learning

List of 8 DVD :
DVD # 1 - Extreme Orgasm Secrets
DVDs # 2 & 3 - Penetration Orgasm Pleasure
DVD # 4 - She Orgasms Every Time - Guaranteed!
DVD # 5 - The Hour-long Orgasm
DVD # 6 - Part 1: Advanced Foreplay Secrets
DVD # 6 - Part 2: What To Do If She Can't Climax
DVD # 6 - Part 3: Sex Toy Orgasm Intensity
Bonus: Complete Cock Control - 2 DVDs

As you already know by now. Extreme Female Orgasms shows you the tricks and techniques to give your girl INTENSE orgasms regardless of your size or stamina.
But. because I want to be sure you have more fun for YOURSELF in the bedroom also. I've decided to do something really special.
I've just put the finishing touches on a special program called "Complete Cock Control". which reveals the secrets male adults stars use get hard, stay hard, and LAST as long as they want.
It comes on 2 full-length DVDs that feature male adult stars explaining to you the EXACT mental and physical tricks they is using to last as long as THEY want. no matter how hot the girls are or what kind of WILD things they are doing!
After watching this program just once, you'll find yourself lasting MUCH longer in bed. 10 minutes. 20 minutes. even 30 minutes or more!
The tricks are easy to learn and even easier to do. You don't have to do any special "exercises" or "think about baseball" or anything like that! You get to fully ENJOY sex but at the same time control yourself so you and your girl enjoy it LONGER